Funky Barcelona, Part Two: The Sunny City

You bet your ass I took some time to soak up some glorious sun in while in Barcelona. I came back to some very jealous Londoners who scathed, "You have a tan!"

Be jealous, Londoners.

One thing I really enjoyed about Barcelona was wandering down an alley way and "bumping" into a huge cathedral or a bustling market. Lots of surprises were tucked away behind secret passage ways and maze-like corners.  

And, if you walk far enough, you eventually walk into the Mediterranean. That's a mighty nice surprise...

I hear the above building is, like, famous or something? La Sagrada Familia? Yeah, something like that.

 Forget the fame...it's absolutely gorgeous, playful and full of joyous light inside. This is definitely a change from the usual foreboding architecture found in most cathedrals. 

And even more Gaudi...

 ...who was an architect who embraced the natural. I was entranced by his unusual, hypnotic, gravity-defying designs. 

 Hello Barcelona!!
Hello SUN!

And I still have more to share on Barcelona! Until the next post...

*the first picture is courtesy of Emily


  1. Yayyyy! It's a shame you're not still here, because now it's actually WARM!

  2. Gorgeous! I have a major case of global wanderlust over here in Texas!

  3. Ok, FINE. I'll add it to my list of places I'll make it to. It looks amazingly gorgeous.

  4. not too sure about brixton market haha. heard lots of bad things about the area XD

    xx Vivi

  5. Fabulousness! So very beautiful, all of this.

  6. Reminds me of the Sondheim song. "Where ya goin?" "Barcelona." "Oh..." Great photos. Keep 'em coming.