Ireland, Part 1: Kinsale and Castles

Ireland! So damn nice, I had to go twice. This time around, I drove (on the wrong side of the road) with a couple of friends to different cities around Ireland. Er, the Republic of Ireland, that is:

First stop was the colorfully cute town of Kinsale, as recommended by Thelma

Food and Beer (especially Irish Beer) = my heaven. 

Next on the agenda was the Rock of Cashel, which was built during the Medieval time period. It's also known as St. Patrick's Rock. Definitely worth a little visit, if you're into castles and stuff. 

Think of this as a short, 'Intro to Ireland' post. Mostly because I'm still exhausted from the trip, and jumping into an internship immediately after my trip, AND getting my wallet stolen while in Ireland, THEN recovering my wallet at the bar, but only after I had canceled all my cards...whew!!!

...I need a nap.

Stay tuned, the next post is on Dublin.


  1. You went! I hope you weren't TOO COLD to enjoy anything and that you had fun xx

  2. I have only been to Dublin in Ireland and I really want to go back and see small cosy towns and the beautiful nature as well. Looking forward to all that you will share from Ireland:)

  3. Magical - until I got to the wallet being stolen part. Boo. But so glad it was returned if only for peace of mind!

  4. I love it. Playing catch up again on your weblog. You take the best pictures.