Perfectly Acceptable Ashley

It's perfectly acceptable...

  • To wholeheartedly and emphatingly agree with this statement about being an adolescent girl in the 90s, from this article

  • to hate using satellite view on Google Maps. I don't know what it is, but it totally freaks me out to view things via satellite. Especially when you roam over places like Antarctica, or any of the oceans with their deep trenches and ridges that you can actually see from the satellite *cringe* *shiver* It's too FUTURISTIC FOR ME! Take me back to 1999, please. Those were the days when all I had to wonder about is which boy band is the bestest, as noted in the point above. 

  • to not be able to take anyone born in the 90s or later seriously at all. My mind can't comprehend this. I was playing with pogs, developing a crush on Zach Morris, and learning how to save stuff on floppy disks WHEN YOU WERE BORN. Chances are you've never seen a floppy disk. *facepalm* And then...these 90s babies are infiltrating the bars that I go to. Whaaaaaat? Maybe I'm getting too old for bars. 


  1. I get very sad when I see people on X Factor or applying for jobs at my work or being freaking Mumford and Sons or Laura Marling being younger than me. We are getting old!!

    1. EMILY JANE...Long time, no see (on the blog, at least)!

  2. I agree with point number 3 wholeheartedly. Anyone who didn't play with pogs as a kid will forever be an incomplete human being.

  3. I only agree with number 3. :)

    I LOVE using Satellite, ESPECIALLY over the oceans and big empty spaces! And if this article is anything to go by, I mustn't be a 90s girl at all!

  4. Hahah! Floppy disks! I used to save all my reports for school on floppy disks. I even had a digital camera that stored all of the pics on a disk (instead of a memory card).

    And pogs, oh my god. The best.

  5. Its freaky and more than a little disturbing to see my house in all its (cough) glory (cough) on Google. Making the stalker's work so much easier.

    #3 is how I feel about people born in the ...'70s. [gulp]. Them and their synthesizer music and their Beverly Hills 90210 and their Ms. Pac Man. Humbug!

  6. i miss floppy disks. the click they made when i put it in was the best moment ever! ;)