Around London Town

All the cheeky things I've been up to in London...

 You might be asking, "Ashley, why are you standing in front a set of GIANT lips?" Well, I got into an Adobe (as in .pdf files, Adobe) conference in where Jessie J was a performer, and clearly the computer nerds took great liberty with decorating the room with WHATEVER they could fathom. Such as palm trees, wedding centerpieces, and lips. This was the most random conference/party I have ever been to...but food and drinks were free, so there ya go! 

Jessie J, with a shaved head. I will say, her voice is pretty impressive in concert! 

My lovely cousin Begum was in London for work, which meant I got to have some cousin time! Anyone who lives overseas knows there is something special about seeing family when you're so far away from everyone you love. Definitely refreshing! 
 And lately, there have been signs of the sun...and SPRING?!? 
Spring, is that you???

The night is for Brazilian bars, where I had one of my best London outings! It's called Guababara--located very central--for quite the good time!

Hanging at the National Gallery, which has loads of beautiful French and Italian paintings! Which makes me wonder if Italy and France want those paintings back? I will say, the English keep their museums impeccable. So maybe the paintings have a great home there...Food for thought. 


  1. This does NOT look like a conference of any sort Ashley, are you sure you made your way into the right room?

    1. I just followed the circus performers...I'm not kidding.

  2. In the 15 minutes it took me to read this post and the other posts in my reader...Adobe asked me twice if I wanted to install updates on my computer.

    I hate them so hard.

    1. yeah, I was gonna complain about the dumb updates at the conference, but then they gave me free drinks.

  3. Sometimes I miss running into old friends and acquaintances, it's all 'new' people in my life here in Spain and although that is refreshing in some ways, it would also be supernice to meet people I have known for years if you know what I mean? It must have been awesome having your cousin in London for a couple days!

  4. So jealous, I'd love to see Jessie J live! x


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