Paris, Part Three: Parting Words

This was my second time to Paris. I've said it before and I'll say it again--I like French people. I really, really like French people! There are some foolish Americans (and English) that like to say the French are a rude, pretentious people. Not so!

The famous Love Lock Bridge


The view from Montmartre 

Some tips for getting around Paris:

  • You will get lost. This is normal in Paris. Don't fret. 
  • You can buy an "All Day Pass" metro card that is cheaper than buying separate cards if traveling over many zones and using different types of transportation. For example, Versailles is in zone 4, so buy a zone 1-4 pass. Also, the maps in metro stations are verrrrrry helpful for getting around, and tells you what exit goes to what street...brilliant! 
    traveling on the metro 
  • Don't skip: Montmartre, The Eiffel Tower, a stroll through St. Germain, Buttes-Chaumont Park (it's an impressive man made park), Ch√Ęteau de Versailles.
  • Remember that is acceptable and allowed to drink wine along the river or in the park. Take advantage of this, and don't you DARE think of skipping out on French cheese and wine. If there are 2 things you MUST do in Paris, it's: eat the cheese, and drink the damn wine! 

Hanging out in Buttes-Chaumont Park with my friend Solene! 
Still in the man made park! 

In love with French windows! 
Lastly, enjoy one of the loveliest big cities ever to grace your eyes. You don't need a lover to stroll around with you in Paris; nay, the city becomes your lover! Embrace it with willing and open arms.


  1. i like paris!!! we loved getting wine and a baguette and chilling in the parks :)

  2. i'd go to paris JUST to eat the cheese and wine, especially in the park. that's my kind of afternoon ;)

    xo Marlen
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  3. That picture of you in the park makes me want to transport there right now.

  4. Love your mini-guide. I agree with everything... except I don't drink the damn wine (sorry!).

  5. Oh man, you're making miss this soooo much. When we went, I'm pretty sure we drank more wine than we did water!

  6. all day metro cards, noted!

  7. So... okay, I'm adding Harry's New York Bar to my list, AND the Love Lock bridge. And I'm bringing a damn lock. With a heart on it. And some initials, probably. One week from today, I'll be right there!!! :)