Paris, Part Two: Getting Fat in France

While in Paris, I denied myself nothing. I ate everything I desired. It was worth the slight weight gain. That's right...it was worth it, I tell you!

One of the main culprits of my massive food intake was Montmartre, the very bohemian, artsy, music-y part of Paris that leaves you lingering for hours, sitting in cafes and venturing into bakeries.

 The well known cafe culture of France, where it's acceptable to waste time sipping on your espresso while people watching.
 Macaroons are divine. I recommend the Rose flavored kind. 

Skipping over to the Ile Saint-Louis, I had the best ice cream of my life at Berthillon. I got dark chocolate, and tried to take a picture of it, to which my camera refused to focus and I got impatient...DEVOURING IT ALL. Well, I got photos of the shop, at least: 

On a sunday, I ran into a random antique market, complete with yummy treats! I can't for the life of me remember where this is in Paris; however, markets are pretty easy to come by everywhere! 

Homemade jam for sale. 

 Fresh coffee and croissant in morning? Yes please! 

And for snazzy night time drinks, I highly recommend going to Harry's New York Bar...

 ...and you might be asking me, "Ashley, why would I go to a NEW YORK bar in Paris??" Good question. Because in the 1920s, the likes of Ernest Hemingway, Scott F. Fitzgerald, George Gershwin, Humphrey Bogart and Coco Chanel used to hang out here. And the Bloody Mary was apparently invented here, which I promptly ordered two of. The decor was unpretentious--filled with old college flags from the states--and acted as a time capsule back to the 20s. Last time I went to a Hemingway bar it was a smash, and this time was no different!
 A very busy bartender in Harry's Bar. 

"The oldest cocktail bar in Europe" 

So, there you have it, kids--the reason why I am trying to eat a lot healthier this week. But if you can't be gluttoness in Paris, then, where can you be? 



  2. Well well, looks like you've been busy jet setting, too! I love how I saw Paris through food- which, you know, I'm totally fine with. God there's so much GOODNESS! I think i'd just linger at cafes all day, drinking coffee and growing a gut, people watching and taking in the culture. tell me there are more posts!

    xo marlen
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  3. yup, you are getting fat there...i'm soooo hungry and thirsty looking at all these photos. :) thank you.

  4. Awesome. We loved Berthillon ice cream so much that we went a few times over the course of just two days! But I have to disagree on the rose macaron - vanilla all the way! And chocolate too :)

  5. Oh man, this makes Paris look amazing. I'm all about food when I'm traveling. Looks like Hemingway knew how to pick his bars!

  6. I would have no regrets at all on that trip. I believe in food as an indulgence and Paris crepes are my absolute weakness.

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  7. Oh you went to Berthillon? Insanely good, isn't it? I love the almond milk one.

    Love rose macaroons too, although I always thought I was alone in that. All my friends say ugh, tastes like flowers...

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