Around London Town

I've been living it up, since there's not that much time left! It's cool, though. I'm all smiles on this side of the pond...

Quite honestly, (late) springtime in London is drop dead gorgeous. Richmond is one of the best spots to live in LDN; also cause this month there was a big, kitschy fair here!
Complete with self-playing organ and midget sized cars for kids! 

 Springtime is also for bank holidays (basically national holidays) and BBQs. When the sun's out in London, you best be out too! 

Wise words to live by? 
 London might be the best big city for catching some nature. There's a plethora of fine parks.

And gardens!

 And hey, it hasn't been all party, party, party here! I also like to get my divine side on by visiting places of worship, like this neat Hindu temple. I went with my Italian buddy Giorgio, pictured above. 

Lastly, Big Ben. This whole time I haven't put a picture of this fella up. It was about damn time!


  1. wonderful pictures. looks like fun! thx for sharing.
    maren anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  2. You're right to make the most of your time left!

    I love 'the rules'!

  3. Oooo... cool aviator glasses and leopard scarf!! It must be a little nippy if you still need a scarf and jacket. It's so hot over here. A little chill in the air sounds refreshing.


  4. Have you made it to Kew Gardens? Lovely.

    1. No, but it's extremely close to me, I pass it all the time on my normal commute!

  5. i'm glad you have been enjoying the capital