Favorite Thing Thursday

A few of my favorite things...

1. Wine and Pizza Night With Pals
One-and-a-half bottles of cheap wine, pizza from Target (God, I missed that store), arugula salad and good company provided the first night I felt normal since I've been back.

2. Justin Timberlake Concert (Twice is Nice)
Got DOWN at the Justin/Jay Z Tour, even fighting the rough L.A. crowd. I ended up loving the tour so much, I promptly bought an overpriced ticket for the next solo Justin tour. I spent an absurd amount on a ticket, but I'll be within 20 rows of the stage, and I can say without hesitation that it will be worth it!

3. Getting Call Backs for Jobs

It seems (almost) having a Masters is making job hunting a little easier. As of right now, looks like I'll be staying in San Diego. This is an idea I am starting to warm up to. 


  1. It's not 2 Buck Chuck still in Cali, is it? It's 3 bucks here. I also got JT tix but skipped the Jay-Z tour. Too expensive!! My friend unloaded what seems like her life savings on JT VIP tix though, HAHA! She is crazy for him though so no regrets on her part.

    1. You know what, maybe it is 3 bucks now. I wasn't paying attention :)

      I am exactly like your friend.

  2. Aw great news on the job front Ashley.

  3. Oh wine and pizza are really two of the best things ever and maybe THE best thing when combined in one event.

  4. What a lovely list! Good luck with the job search!