Fall Pinterest Party!

My crafty friend Rachel (who is taking the speech therapist world by storm, check out her blog!) likes inviting people over to do crafty things.

Whilst I usually like to join in on crafts, I just lounged and watched other people being crafty while I ate the good food. Don't judge me. I had seen Prisoners earlier that day and it took all the creative energy outta me (see my review).

Rachel called it a Pinterest Party because some of the snacks and crafts were inspired by good ol' Pinterest. Take a look, find some inspiration!

 A sort of witches' brew that Rachel made. It bubbled up when you poured in club soda. Brilliant! 

 Rachel, Miss Crafty Pants. 

 Tux was ordered to stay in his crate at first, but we had to let the guy out. I mean, look at those eyes! 

I suppose my "craft" was creating this blog post. =)

And in case you're wondering, yes...Rachel is one of those "Pinterest People" that makes everything perfect and amazing looking. I mean, it's utterly disgusting. But I forgive her for it because we've been friends a long time. And sometimes she makes me stuff.


  1. I love these kinds of parties!

    1. And I thought of you when I saw my friend had glitter balls on the table!

  2. Awww.... so gracious of you to forgive her!! ;-)


  3. now thats a fun friend, i want those apple pie croissants in my face right now

  4. YAY! I had a good time and totally needed a craft day! Thank you for coming, even after watching a terribly depressing movie hahaha!