Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience World Tour

This was quite possibly the concerts to top all concerts. It's pretty high up there on my list, tied for #1 with Smokey Robinson, who is a true legend onstage. Justin is definitely on his way to becoming that kind of legend.

I paid a pretty penny to be fairly close to Mr. Timberlake. Yes, I acted like an annoying teen girl the entire time. I don't give a damn.

And now, a few photos...

 Lainey and me, giddy for the concert. 

Sorry for the blurry-ish photos. One, I was dancing/jumping around too much to really care about clarity of photo. Two, it's time I invest in a newer/ better camera + camera lessons. I think that might be the next hobby I take up! 

Anyway, the clear platform you are seeing in the photo above and below was an ingenious moving platform that raised above my section and traveled back and forth across the stadium. How fantastic is that?!? Of course I was ecstatic that Justin walked on the part of the platform that was right above my seat. He knew, he just knew

And a couple grainy videos for you to see the intensity of the dancing + the angelic singing machine that is Justin Timberlake.

Justin, I'm just a jun-jun-jun-jun-junkie for your (music).


  1. He looks so slick! I'd love to see JT in concert, but yes, the going rate for his tickets are a little out of this world. Give me $20 tickets and small, trashy venue and I'm happy!

  2. lol oh man you're a nerd but i love it. glad you got to be the super fan!!

  3. Awesome! I'm not a big fan of him, but I do like that he's continuing the art of entertaining, not just performing. And it's always great to see one your favorites and to be that close. Ticket prices be damned.

    1. He's always been an entertainer, and I applaud him for that. Forever one of my favorites (because once you get a girl when she's 14, you have her forever!