Just Your Average Gluttonous Christmas Event, San Diego Style

December Nights is a Christmas festival that is as merry as you can get: trees, caroling, free admission to museums (in San Diego's Balboa Park), international foods from around the world, performances and even carnie rides make this one jam-packed event!

Despite the rainy day, I knew I didn't want to miss one of my favorite festivals in my hometown.

 We were sucessfully photo-bombed by these dudes. I had to give them credit for it! 

I do love December Nights, but the gluttony of this kind of event--deep fried dessert, nachos, copius amounts of alcohol, etc.--had us discussing what those coming from third world countries might think about our wasteful, indulgent ways. On the one hand, this privilege is all we've ever known. But still, I think it's good to question just how much food we are consuming (and then humorously having to diet from), whilst there are countries out there struggling to gather a meal.

Of course, I love any festival where a city gets together in such a joyful way, so I won't complain too much. Especially when we ended the night watching one man sing his rendition of "I Believe I Can Fly," complete with back-up interpretive dancers. I mean, that made for the best night ever!


  1. love the lights and christmas decoration!

  2. The Griswold in me loves the sight of this. But you're right, which would explain why October to December sees a high spike in my charitable giving.