These Boots...

...are made for walking (yeah, I went there).

This post has a point, I promise! 

So, these boots. I wore them today to work. Taking a look down at my year old, worn-down boots, I couldn't help but smile. Do you know all the places I've been in these boots???

These babies kept my tootsies warm in Switzerland, where my friend Laura and I were stranded outside in the FREEZING COLD for a night when we learned the airport was closed (think, 15 degrees, guys!). Laura and I were stuck outside from about 1 am to 4 am. Try that in the dead of winter!

These guys helped me walk the streets of Paris navigating cobblestone roads mixed with rain (sometimes a deadly mix for a clumsy girl).

These pretties took me up and down the streets of London--the biggest feat of all! My other shoes fell apart in gritty London, but these boots stayed together through it all.

These boots. They've seen my most adventurous side, and have been my steady sidekicks through what  must have been 1,000 miles of walking. And looking at these boots, it really starts to sink in: How lucky am I? To have walked miles in all these cities! To have wandered down so many roads! To be able to afford travel! To be able to afford a steady pair of boots to go adventuring in!

The travel, the wonder, the excitement for life--it hasn't ended since I've returned from London. It's beginning again.

I had a few months here of feeling kind of down. It wasn't completely unfounded. Moving back was a huge transition for me! But I'm starting to really feel the good again. I know there's more walking to be done in these boots. And my dears, I'm getting really excited for it. 


  1. and i happen to like them a lot!

  2. i have a pair of boots i wore my first time to europe, and i think about all the places they've been everytime i wear them