In Sunny San Diego

San Diego has an annual chili cook-off in "SoNo," which is the border between South Park and North Park. Honestly, I'm not the hugest fan of chili, but I will say I had the tastiest chili of my life at this event (and the spiciest!).

What else have I been up to? Holiday stuff...
Oh yes, this has come out! Not ashamed.
Hibiscus Rose Tea from a new dessert place in North Park, called Swoon. Swoon, indeed.
Being in San Diego for the holidays also means hitting up Mexican food places, because well, Mexican food is a year round thing for us! Below are pictures of El Camino, a swanky Mexican place that seriously plays the best background tunes--think 90s hip hop mixed with 70s funk. Get down!

Spicy bloody marys with one of my fave married couples!

Hope your holiday season is making you smile a little!
As for me, I still have my good days and my bad days. Still in a phase where I feel I am figuring out things, whilst being slightly frustrated by jobs (still currently a temp). But I'm trying to keep a positive attitude, despite feeling constantly unsettled! I do believe good things are on the horizon. 


  1. are you wearing a tshirt????? whatever!

  2. that's how we do! But yeah, doesn't feel like winter at all here.

  3. Looks like you're having a lot of fun! My best friend moved to San Diego about a year ago, it's so nice there! Tempting to leave New York for a sunny local like that.


  4. yes for n-sync CDs. hahahaha! this totally made my day now.