My Very First Vlog Post

Yeah, I said vlog. My friend Michelle tagged me in a Winter Wonderland vlog post, and this was the result...

(oh, and let me preface by acknowledging that, yes, I say 'um' entirely too much. I apologize. This was my first go at a vlog post and I'm clearly a novice!)

I'll be incredibly impressed if you make it through the whole video. It's a bit long, and I could definitely learn to edit/shut my face a bit better. Oh, and if you feel like participating, go for it! I figured it was getting kinda late in the game to tag people, but anyone is welcome to play.

Happy Holidayyyyyyyyys!


  1. Nice to hear who I'm actually speaking too finally! I did make it that far because I think it's important to get to know people, especially in this weird world of blogging. My fav xmas movie is Muppets Christmas Carol. Agree with the Starbuck thing, yuk!

    Buckets & Spades

  2. I watched the whole thing. That's not weird, right? I've never seen A Christmas Story. Is that the one with Darren McGavin and the BB gun? You both look and sound different than I remember. In a good way. Like you've "made it after all" (Mary Tyler Moore reference). Our little girl is all growns up.