A Vegas New Year's Eve

*Ahem* I'm back from Vegas. As suspected, it was a bit of a crazy adventure. I didn't take a lot of pictures, but the ones I did were taken on my iPhone. heh. It's sort of fitting when trying to convey the hazy/crazy time that is Vegas.

This was my first time in Vegas in 6 years! Lainey and I met some fantastic characters (both in the good and bad senses of the word). For instance:

... have you been asked the question, "Have you ladies been hit on yet?" This from two twenty year olds who insisted that they were 21 (smooth operators, those two).

...or have you seen a half-naked circus show (too many boobs flying everywhere!)?

...or have you been coaxed into going to one of those uppity Vegas clubs complete with lasers, Lady Gaga-esque dancers in bubble suits and way too much techno? (I couldn't leave fast enough).

...and have you hung out at an Oxygen bar? (I sort of believe in its powers).

There are a few more stories, but I'll leave it at that and say with a knowing smile, "Only in Vegas."

HAPPY 2014!


  1. But where did you stay? Eat? How was Boyz II Men?? What bars/clubs did you go to??

    1. haha, oh you wanna know all of that. Stay: Stratosphere. A little far from the central strip but a good deal. Eat: whatever we could get our grubby hands on! Nothing too special. Boyz II Men: They didn't have a performance, just hosted, but it was cool to be by them anyway. And because they hosted it was more 90s hip hop, which I approved of! Bars: Light (the techno bar I mentioned above) and Revolution (where Boyz II Men were). So yeah :) Revolution was kind of dingy. Light, in my opinion, was wayyyy overrated. But I'm not good to ask, I guess, cause I like dive bars. We did go to the Zumanity show and was good. Just lots of boobage!

  2. lol Oh the charms of Vegas. Glad you rang in the year with a bang!

  3. um that sounds awesome. i totally know your'e not showing all the pics ;)

    1. I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.


  4. The awesome photobomb gets another pair of thumbs up! Cheers!


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