Conversations with Male Coworkers, Vol. 2

Working with all men has still proven to be a mighty interesting environment...

Me: Ew, Chili's is so gross. Did you know they microwave their food? 

J: Well then I want that microwave. 


Me: I was proud of myself because I got up on the first alarm today. Didn't hit snooze. Because when you hit snooze you think you're cheating the system, but you're only cheating yourself!
Z: Procrastination is like masturbation. In the end you're just screwing yourself. 
Me: That was...profound. 


J: That car is slammed and the tires are poking hard. 
Me: What?!?
J: The car is low and the tires are out further than the width of the car.
Me: Oh. What language were you speaking before? 


All the Men (conversation that seems to happen everyday): I get [x] mileage on my car...blah blah blah...turbo...blah blah blah...carbon fiber roof...BLAH BLAH BLAH. 
Me: I like trains!

...But seriously, are we going to talk about cars EVERY DAY?!?


  1. "...But seriously, are we going to talk about cars EVERY DAY?!?"


  2. See you don't have to travel far to learn about a foreign culture. Ha, read the other conversation post too. Funny stuff. So what is your new job?

    1. Very true! It's web copywriting. The side of the office I work on has web developers...so a lot of men!

  3. "Scott, you just don't get it, do you? You don't." A man IS his car. So, yes, we will talk about cars every day. Or sports. As opposed to what? "Feelings"? "Relationships"? Our dream journals? Uh...no.

  4. HI REMEMBER ME?! funny boys. car talk is boring.

  5. That must be the secret to the skillet queso. Alrighty then.