Breaking Bad, A Review

Where do I start? WHERE DO I START?

The best compliment I can give this show is this: I normally don't think shows are as well done as movies. Writers for shows tend to only write for the season, and so you will usually get a broken, haphazard storyline and a rushed ending. Breaking Bad, my friends, is the one exception. It's clear to see that the entire story--Walt's story--was thought of ahead of time.

I don't think I've ever been so fascinated by characters in a show. Walt’s transformation from an unsure, unassuming chemistry teacher into a narcissistic, power-hungry drug kingpin is simply fascinating. I remember times when I would HATE Walt, and then feel for him again, only to despise him once more.

And the ending. A show has never ended so perfectly.


This show will keep you guessing. This show will make you a late-night TV watcher. This show will make you bite your nails. This show will make you think every run-down RV you pass has a meth lab inside. This show.

Some of my favorite parts (spoilers):

  • When Gus died...WHAT?!?!
  • Skyler and Walt's last scene, which was complete magic and made me cry. 
  • Jesse's redemption. 
  • When Hank found the Walt Whitman book (ahhhh!)
  • The symbolism of Walt putting the watch Jesse gave him on the phone booth. 
Ok, so I think the characters of Lydia and Todd were a bit rushed, but it wasn't too much of a stretch; they were the only minor faults I found with BB. When I started watching BB, I thought to myself, "Was there ever a show before this?" And when it was over, I thought "What am I going to do now?" 

Breaking Bad will eternally reserve a place in my top 5. I've jumped on the bandwagon; so much so, I now have a BB t-shirt. Yep. If you haven't watched Breaking Bad, I suggest you head to Netflix straight away and start the pilot episode...just know that you will be a hermit for a good 3 weeks to a month!



  1. Giiiiiiiirrrrrrrl!!!! YES to all those parts. Breaking Bad really is one of the best shows of all time (in my opinion anyway) and it's so true how a lot of shows feel very disjointed and far from where they've started over the course of a few seasons. That said, most shows go on way past their prime (side eye: Supernatural), while BB ended at the perfect time and on the right note. When I finished it, I felt such a void in my life.

  2. Breaking Bad is awesome :) you know it makes me wonder what one would do if they found out they needed money to save themselves from getting sick.

  3. Yeeeaaaahhhhhhh. It was definitely one the best show endings. And you're very spot on about the writing. We watched all on Netflix until we caught up to the final season, then watched it week by week including that torturous year long break the middle of the last season.