You Are Not Alone (So Tell Your Story)

The other day I went grocery shopping and ended up chatting with the cashier briefly. She happened to bring up that she had taught in Japan for two years. My ears perked up.

"How have you been doing since you've returned?" I asked.

She looked me straight in the eyes with a sadness I instantly understood, and said, "It's been hard."

"Yeah, I came back from London about 9 months ago, so I know just how you feel!"

"It's like...you've lost your spot. Right?"

I nodded my head and thought to myself, "She gets it!"


These moments are magic to me. So magic, I'd almost call them a divine reminder that we are never alone in our struggles.

The danger lies in never telling our story for fear that no one will understand. Plenty of fellow nomadic souls understand. Whether you need to speak with a therapist, a friend, a fellow wanderluster (in my case), or a brick wall (but maybe find a person instead)...TELL YOUR STORY.

...Tell your story because it's important, and you're important.
...Tell your story because it will help you heal.
...Tell your story because everyone deserves to be heard.
...Tell your story because what you're feeling is not ridiculous, and somebody understands!

Because there's something powerful in the ability to connect with other people--other temporarily lost souls that may not be lost for the same reason, but feel the same existential longing within themselves. I will tell you that once you start baring your soul, you will not be able to stop. You are not alone, so tell your story.


  1. we were talking about something similiar last night with friends. We are all expats, we have been in our new home country for about 3 years and realise that actually we now belong nowhere. We will never belong here, we dont have history, we didnt grow up here, we "dont get" some things. Equally we no longer belong there, its changing there, new buildings, new people, new trends, new fads. We no longer fit in so well... the curse of the expat

  2. have I told you I love you yet?

  3. just got finished reading your updates! glad you are talking about your struggles and that you are getting comfort and help from that!!
    and this is for the post below, but INNOUT Fridays sound pretttty freakin' awesome. if only i lived on the west coast.