Shattering Those Stereotypes (Don't Be a Dumb American)

I went to a soccer game in Tijuana about a month ago. I forgot to blog about it then, but there is a LOT to say about perceptions of Tijuana by Americans. 

Most people I told about the game said, "OH NO, you shouldn't go! It's unsafe! You might get kidnapped. YOU MIGHT DIE!" Man, it escalates quickly, doesn't it? 

It's really a load of crap. Every time I go to Mexico, I encounter a country of people that are warm, welcoming and charming. Yes, even in TJ. I'm not unaware of Mexico's problems--corrupt government, drugs, major crimes, cartels, etc. But last time I checked, the States can claim some of those same issues. 

As for that night and the game, I had a BLAST. Tijuana is not ritzy, but it's contagiously lively. I cringed at the fried pig skin being sold, I high-fived the old, energetic man behind me with an impressive moustache, I drank cheap beer, and I chanted non-repeatable soccer insults that were apparently the norm for an average Tuesday night game. There are quite a few 'Mericans I would love to send to a Mexican soccer game; maybe they can un-learn being a jackass and learn a thing or two from a different culture. 

As citizens of the world, we should make sure we're not being brainwashed by a sensationalized media (where did the journalism go?) and subsequently insulting an entire country with insensitive remarks that lack support. You show me a city without dangers, and I'll give you a gold star for finding utopia. I just try to be careful in whatever city I'm traveling in, whether it's London, Barcelona or Tijuana. Let's not paint Mexico as a "dangerous, horrible" place without ever stepping foot in it (my biggest pet peeve). 


  1. Good for you! But I think you mean fĂștbol? ;-)

    1. I was translating for those 'mericans!!! :)