Stop and Smell the Roses, Dammit.

This past Sunday, there was an art festival of sorts in San Diego, in a cute and quaint area called Little Italy. I delightfully signed on to go to the festival since I have a slight hippie spirit. I enjoy live music, sunshine, drinking good beer outside, and talking to strangers that are like-minded.

Two of my friends that came were not thrilled to be there. Bothered by the crowds and waiting, they had something to eat and rushed home to watch TV shows. Now, I know not everyone has to like the same things I like, but I think something is lost when we forfeit real human connection for the cold glow of a TV set. Being around (and enjoying) other humans is what a festival/fair is all about--heck, it's what life is all about. When did it become hard for people to just let things be? Everyday, I've been trying to focus on taking in all the happenings around me and not worrying about what needs to get done the rest of the day. In other words, stop and smell the roses, dammit.

Or in this case, stop and smell the italian food. That's amore!

Yummy pizza comparable to italy at Isola Pizza Bar

Because by leaving early they missed a few great things:

  • Running into Big Al the harmonica player, who *attempted* to play "My Cherie Amour" when I requested it. 

  • Brie the bartender giving me a discount on my scotch mixed drink. 
  • Cool art. 
  • A few live music performances. 
  • Oh, and life. 

Pretty sure the TV can't get give you all of that. I don't care that I'm being pushy. PUT DOWN THE NETFLIX, and TAKE A DAMN WALK OUTSIDE. And go find some roses, kid. They're all around!


  1. Haha, agreed to all of this. Lucky for me I've grown out of my friendship with Netflix, but I know I gotta work on actually engaging with others and not just with their social media selves. Anyways, fun day! And we definitely need to visit Isola again. And become bar besties with Brie. She can be our Carl / Wendy the Waitress.

    1. Yes, she will be!! And you did just fine engaging with others this day!

  2. Love your attitude. I love Netflix, but I would not drop hanging out with a friend or being outside on a beautiful day just to marathon-watch whatever show I'm watching that month. And you got a discounted drink! I call that a win.

    1. that's exactly what I'm try to say :) There is a time and place for netflix, and it was not this day!

  3. Totally agree with you, Ashley. I love TV and all but real human connections and social gatherings, real life experiences are so much better. There is a time for everything - and some people have to learn to balance it all out. I would have stayed all day at that festival. Looks like so much fun!

  4. Yes Ma'am! I shall go sniff a rose straightaway!


  5. I'm forming a theory that you may be a reincarnated Southerner. The South is awash with festivals, all through the year. Southerners love being with other people, having fun, eating great food, and staying outside. Some of them like less admirable things too I guess, but most do not. I'd have said reincarnated Italian, but for the cornbread. You get a really renewing kind of energy, being with a bunch of other people having fun. That's why I love festivals, and concerts and sporting events too.