Modern Times Beer

Looking for a place where you can have your beer and your 90s nostalgia too? Well, I have just the spot...

It's a brewery filled to the brim with such "OMG! I remember that!" items as...


A counter made from VHS TAPES. I found The Crow and it made my heart happy.

Lamps on the ceiling.

San Diego: where you can drink your beer and lounge in your Jesus sandals. 

image from Modern Times  
I totally forgot to take a picture of my beer; maybe it's a testament to how good it was...I drank it before I could take a picture. If you're in the San Diego area, I totally recommend Modern Times, which has two 90s-licious locations.

The location I went to:

3000 Upas St
Ste 102

San DiegoCA 92104


  1. Ah, this place is so up my alley! Too bad I don't live in SD.

  2. Seriously, I think we are cut from the cloth. I remember very vividly going on my first European trip in high school. I came back and was distraught that my parents had a garage sale and sold The Crow while I was gone.

  3. this place sounds like me. i don't drink beer, but the decor!! love.

  4. For a split second, I thought "a blog post about Helm's Workshop?" I recognized the typography and design. And then I spent waaaay too much time on the VHS realizing how bad movies were in the 90s, the Crow aside of course (12 Monkeys and Philadelphia as well as a few others), but hey if you're going to include Bio Dome, why not Beverly Hills Cop III?