A Three-Sentence Movie Review

The Intouchables

This simply can't be missed. The story of two hopeless French men that have given up on life; of course they learn to lean on each other in the non-cheesiest of ways possible. Crude humor, and of course, completely able to touch the most impenetrable soul!

Girl on a Bicycle

The movie tries to be a little more than it actually is, but I'm not bothered by the discrepancy. Clearly not an award winner, but has a decent message at the end. In a sentence: a mostly mindless romantic comedy set in Paris.

Reaching for the Moon

Oh, what a sad one. Based on the life of American poet Elizabeth Bishop and her lesbain lover. Expect this to be tragic and tumultuous, yet gripping.


I know I'm late to party watching this masterpiece, but better late than never. Gosh, I love how Hitchcock used music to elevate the film. You'll end up loving it, of course, and then wonder if you're psycho for loving something so sinister.

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  1. Love it when you do these. There's always at least one movie you review that I have on my to-watch list (this time it's Girl on a Bicycle). The Intouchables sounds fantastic. The picture alone makes me want to watch it!

    1. DEFINITELY see Intouchables. I happen to KNOW you'll like it.

  2. minus psycho, i've never heard of those movies!! adding them to the list.