A Three Sentence Movie Review

1. The Fault in Our Stars

This movie is absolute perfection. The script, the actors, the feelings, the tragedy of it all sinks into the pit of your stomach and sits with you for a few days. The book must be stellar if this is the movie adaptation of, frankly, one of the better fictional love stories I have ever witnessed.

2. Neighbors

The least juvenile Seth Rogen film I've seen--it even has some endearing/mature moments! Zac Efron takes his shirt off (like always). Of course, Seth still found a way to slip dildo jokes in there, but that's really the biggest offense (surprising!).

3. Jobs

This was okay. Maybe because when I watch Ashton Kutcher play someone I'm still well aware that I am watching Ashton Kutcher--sorry dude, but maybe you should stick to finding your car. Furthermore, the movie tries so hard to be really profound, which remains more trying than actually being.

4. Cafe de Flore

I'm really beginning to like French cinema; not because I'm trying to be alternative, but because France seems to be churning out some of the most introspective films in the game. I really got into Cafe de Flore's plot which is bursting full of emotions and symbolism and is a commentary on love in all its forms (familial to romantic). The end may be a little far out there for some, but won't take away from the overall effect from the film--a contemplation on what love is. 

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  1. Oooooh, Fault in Our Stars is out on dvd already?! Going to add it as #1 in my queue right now! You should totally read the book. It was great.

  2. wait you havent read the fault in our stars?! you need to read it. the movie was good, the book was phenomenal.

  3. I haven't seen TFiOS movie because the book affected me waaaay too much. Haha. Seriously a GREAT book, so I totally recommend it.

    I'm glad to hear that about Neighbors. I wanted to see it, but sometimes Seth Rogen's humor borders on just stupid to me sometimes. Ha. (I walked out on This is the End...) But ahh, Zac Efron. Yesssss.

  4. Ok, ok...you're all right! haha. I'll add the Fault in Our Stars on my must-read list ;)

  5. Glad Fault in Our Stars' movie was great. Will hopefully watch it soon, and I have heard great things about Cafe de Flore. Cannot wait to watch it. French film can really intrigue! :)