Flashback to: Rome

Found this old photo and felt compelled to post it because:

1. I love cappuccinos, and a cappuccino in Rome can't be beat.
2. I love Rome.
3. I can't help but laugh at my awkward modeling, which is a sort of half smirk/bad attempt at trying to be chic.
4. This picture (taken by my friend Sonja) captures the dark, interesting aesthetic of a crowded italian cafe, complete with grumpy owner who demanded from us "WHAT do you want?!?" That lady makes the best coffee I have ever had. In my life. All for the price of one Euro.
5. Did I mention I love cappuccinos?


Picture circa May 2013


  1. I love anything caffeine related so I'm with you there. And Rome? I'd love to be in Rome right about now. We need a time machine (and a teleporter)

  2. I am not a coffee drinker but I could be persuaded in Rome ;)

  3. Rome has got to be my favorite European city

    1. I just fell in love with it! It might be my favorite as well, or at least in the top 3!!

  4. when i visited rome it was christmas, so my experience didn't seem as fun. but i'd go back though!

  5. Love Cappuccinos!! Wish they made good ones here...or just good lattes when I want to go super light. There's really nothing better than Italian coffee {ok, maybe Turkish coffee but you can hardly compare the two}. ;)