Scotland: Ever-So-Cool Edinburgh

Where do I start? Edinburgh is one cool cat. The sleek buildings are built high into the heavens, roads stretch over hills and valleys, winding staircases take you through hidden passageways...there's even an underground city below the current city! Edinburgh has seen it all before--wars, the plague, the invasion of the English--and here it still stands, unmoved.

Just look at this cool, dark wonder! You will want to explore every alleyway once you venture there; for now, come along with me...

Laura and I started with some breakfast before we explored the city in which (sadly) we only had one day in! 

There are so many fun things happening in every crevice of Edinburgh, it's hard not to wander down every turn. 

We did NOT forget to do more whisky tasting!!

Either the whisky had me seeing things, or I really did run into Frankenstein! 

 We also happened to be in town for the Fringe Festival, known as the world's largest arts festival! 

Sadly Laura and I had to catch our train back to London by the end of the day, and so I had to say goodbye before I was ready. To those unexplored alleyways and staircases, I think I'll come back for you!! 


  1. Oh, I love it already. Actually, I love all of your travels. You always look like you're having a great time! Edinburgh has such gorgeous architecture. Added to the list!

  2. Yes, you definitely should add it! It's very walkable and one of the best cities I've been to! It's just a little far north, so pack your coat ;)

  3. More Scotland! I want to just stare at the buildings for a while. :)

    1. hahaha! You would love the buildings. And there's something about this city...very clean, domineering, grand buildings everywhere!

  4. The city looks so flipping awesome - those buildings look like they go up for miles and miles into the cloudy grey skies

  5. Cool photos.