That Girl is on Fire (A Post on Changes)

There have been a lot of changes in my world of late. Life has become abundant with possibilities, which has both an intimidating and freeing effect. Mostly, I'm excited with what's to come--I feel like I'm on fire! 

I recently quit my job as a copywriter (I worked that for about 9 months) in pursuit of a study abroad advisor career once again. On Friday, I begin working part time with an esteemed study abroad program (the very one I went through to get to London!). This has the possibility to turn into something full time, but that's not guaranteed. Thus, I am also applying to jobs around the country! I even applied to one in London today. I'm not really ruling any city out (including San Diego), as my main concern is going after a career I can really get behind.

I just wanted to share this news with you all because it's scary every time I even think of venturing out of my comfort zone. Every time, it frightens me. But it also feels like my molecules are standing upright (is that even scientific?). Basically it feels a lot like living--a bit scary, but always worth it.


  1. Exciting! Congratulations on the new gig. It sounds up right up your alley :)

  2. This is so exciting!! Look at you go!

  3. How very EXCITING - do keep us posted and our fingers are crossed for you

  4. i'[m so excited that you are doing something that you love!! i wish you so much of the best!!

  5. On fire, indeed! I'm trying to think of an appropriate HF response, but I guess you know all the lines anyway! :-)


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