What You Just Can't Miss in Cambridge

Dreamy, isn't it?

Yeah, Cambridge is drop-dead gorgeous. I'm surprised I hadn't been there before in my year of living in England. Only a 45 minute train ride from London and about a 10-quid ticket, Cambridge is really worth the trip. 

The one thing you really can't miss in Cambridge? Punting. 

What the hell is punting, you ask? 

Well, punting refers to pushing yourself along with a pole in a small boat made for shallow water. So, you're not rowing, but actually using the riverbed to push the boat down the river. Well, we were lazy, so we got someone to punt for us. And you should too!

 I couldn't help but think this dude looked a little like Jesus. 

We just sat back and drank a little champagne whilst Jesus did all the work! 'We' refers to my old flatmates, Jen and Becki, who were kind enough to meet up with me in Cambridge as they no longer live in London. I convinced them to go punting with me (a fairly touristy thing to do), but they ended up liking it as much as I did! The pictures below will show you why:

 THOSE WEEPING WILLOWS, THOUGH! I'm in love with them. Not to mention the gorgeous Cambridge campus which surrounds the river. 

 Yes, there were also drunk men in costumes...no clue why! 

Once we got off the boat, we explored the town a little...need I say it? Cambridge is surely posh. Great for a visit; as for living, I will always prefer the gritty reality of London to the poshness of Cambridge. Still, look at this place!

 Above: Cute little candy shop with jelly bean mosaic of Wills and Kate. Below: More of the Cambridge campus.

 DO visit this delicious Italian eatery where I scored a free Cannoli and ate amazing pizza: Aromi Cambridge.

 I also recommend The Pint Shop. We had these amazing, fresh gin concoctions seen below. 

Formula to make a happy Ashley is pretty simple. Rain + Gin + Italian Food + Beautiful Scenery = A Smiley Lady. Yeah, that about does it.

I took the fast train from Kings Cross Station straight to Cambridge, and darling, you should too! 


  1. Mucking around in boats? Uhhh yes please. And why does it look like Jesus's pants are about to fall off...

    1. Jesus didn't seem that happy on this particular day, so I think he threw caution to the wind!

  2. I've been to Cambridge for a week recently. I love it, everything there seems to come out of a story by Charles Dickens. Love it! I adored King's College. Your photos look adorable!

    1. Thanks Monique! Wow, a whole week in Cambridge? Do you have family there?