7 Reasons Why this Californian Loves Texas

This was my third time 'round in Texas and every time I go, I like it! It's well known that CA and TX are almost complete opposites. We lie on different ends of the political and lifestyle spectrum; yet, there is something about Texas that I love. Here's 7 reasons why: 

1. Austin: If you're traveling to Texas for the first time, Austin is the best place to start. There's a reason you'll see bumper stickers proclaiming "Keep Austin Weird." Austin is different from the rest of Texas in ideologies, but the same in manners. 

2. Random Torrential Downpours: I love rain. Texas has awe-inspiring storms that just sort of happen. 

3. Houston's Pretty Cool, Too: About a 2 hour and 45 minute drive from Austin, Houston makes for a great day trip with its soaring buildings and delightful crowd. 

4. Gas Prices: This Californian weeps at the sight of the super low gas prices Texans get to enjoy. WHY, CALIFORNIA, WHYYYYY?!?

5. Barbecue: Brisket from TX is pure and complete heaven: cooked to absolute perfection and worth the extra calories. Don't forget your sweet tea! If you are hanging around Austin, you must go to La Barbecue. MUST! 

6. The People!!!

I know at least two great people that live in TexasMy Zero (that's basically her name) and Linda. My Zero went to San Diego State with me (wayyyy back when) and moved to Austin for graduate school. It was a pleasure seeing her cute house, way of life, and pure bliss over living in TX. She made me pasta for dinner--as in, she actually made the noodles. Man, I love my Zero. 
Although this was the first time I met Linda in person, really I felt like she was an ol' buddy. Linda is even more charming, funny, and brilliant than you can imagine. We talked about the parallels in our family life and travel over Torchy's Tacos. She was kind enough to bring a certain familiar furry friend with her (or I begged her to). Thanks for coming out Linda! The invitation still stands for us to travel somewhere together (ANYTIME, please!). 

7. Bob is in Texas

Linda's baby, a.k.a. Bob, might have been my favorite thing in Texas. I follow Bob on Instagram (@bobthedogatx) and naturally was a little starstruck the first time we met. Bob, I love you.


For the reasons above, Texas keeps charming me (even if I resist). Who doesn't love some delicious barbecue with down-to-earth people, cute dog by your side? 


  1. That's so funny, we have stickers everywhere here that say 'Keep Louisville Weird' must be a popular thing for cities ;) I have only been to Texas once (San Antonio) so I didn't go to Austin or Houston - next time!

    1. I guess it's a thing for the outcast cities...I think it's popular in Portland too!

    2. Of course I'm biased but in Portland a lot of the locals will admit they stole the logo from us. ;)

  2. SO fun and I'm glad you got the meet Linda! She's a gem. :) Also quuuuite jealous you got to meet the famous Bob. Sigh. He's a cutie.

  3. I adore you and miss you already. Want to come to NYC for Halloween? ;)

    1. Do I?!? Yes. Do I have the money right now, probably not :(

  4. So glad you had a blast in Texas - it's an awesome place to be :) Come back soon!

  5. Yep! I would've gone for the pulled pork, though. :-)

  6. You just #get #it. Very nice. Hope you can spend some more time in my home state. Especially in April when native Texas wildflowers carpet the state. Its truly a blessing.


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