In the Right Direction

So I'm here in Austin on a work trip for my new gig--working for Across the Pond.

Looking like a complete and utter dork at St. Edward's University to represent Across the Pond!

ATP is a company that is funded by multiple UK universities to help students get over to the UK for graduate study. It is a free service for students and assists with the sometimes overwhelming process of getting and living abroad, from visa applications to researching programs. My job is to be a presence at grad fairs and enlighten the American public that, yes--you can go abroad for your Master's degree! It's been a joy working for a company I believe in, and while I'm only working part-time for them, I know deep down in my bones this is the right field for me. Whether I can continue full time with ATP or a company like it, I truly know this is where I belong.

Also, it's rather nice to be in Austin, traveling for work, eating BBQ, and visiting with blog friends. But more on that later...


  1. I hope you're having a blast in Austin - let me know if you need any food recommendations (although I'm sure you're getting plenty). Enjoy!

  2. Awesome! That sounds really, really great. I hope you're also checking out some of those wonderful Austin sounds along with that BBQ.

  3. that sounds like an awesome company, I wish I was doing a masters degree, i'd be all over it!

  4. That's awesome that you found an organization like that. I hope that it works out, or that it can lead to a similar organization. Sometimes just getting into the certain field helps.