A Three Sentence Movie Review

1. Gone Girl

A bit campy, but entertaining none-the-less. There are some twists from a very twisted couple indeed. You'll be a bit disturbed from it all, but maybe not overly impressed or wowed.

2. St. Vincent 

A lovely, unpretentious film that will make you cry like a little baby. Can you really go wrong with Bill Murray? No, and they've added a cute kid in the mix for good measure to make sure the tears stream down your face--this has gotta be one of the best movies of the year.

3. Liberal Arts

Nice to see Ted in a movie. I wish this film would have had 30 more minutes of character development to make it a real winner. Even though it falls slightly short, there are some sensational lines to takeaway here.

4. The Trip

Heavy dialogue gives great insight into the heart of the characters--two blokes traveling the English countryside on a food tour. It's interesting and fun to see the push and pull between Rob and Steve. This film goes deeper than the initial giggles over Rob's impressions; give it a go!

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  1. When you said, "give it a go," the first thing I thought of was my obnoxious customer who always says after purchasing lottery tickets, "Well, as my British friend used to say, [in a bad British accent] 'We're going to give it a go.'"

  2. havent seen any of these, but #2 and #3 look good!

  3. Adding St. Vincent and Liberal Arts to my list. :)

  4. #2 is on my list and i want to see the first in the series of the last one, as in they've gone on a trip before doing something in another movie. i forget. it's 630am, but i remember it's the same actors. :)

  5. haha. this is a beautiful thing. love it.