Lemonade in Los Angeles

I was at UCLA for a grad fair yesterday and had to pick a place for dinner to sit and wait out LA traffic. Now usually I'm not the biggest fan of LA--overcrowded, lack of pretty buildings, an overall feeling of being squeezed in tight like sardines--but the UCLA area is different from the rest of LA. This part of town, known as Westwood, is undeniably adorable. Most of the homes were built in the 1920s--probably America's most charming decade for architecture. 

(Apologies that I only had my camera phone with me!)

Once dinner rolled around, I decided to check out a spot called Lemonade which was recommended to me. 

If you find yourself in LA trying to wait out traffic like me, GO TO THIS PLACE! The food is described as "Seasonal Southern California Comfort Food," and that's right on the money. 

I'm definitely a sucker for healthy & tasty foods that use unique combinations to satisfy tastebuds (the Mexican salad on the far right used corn nuts in the mix as a special treat). Whatever you do, try the pineapple chicken, and then thank me later!
I believe this place is already well known in LA, but for those of us just visiting and unfamiliar, this is a must-go restaurant! A Lemonade will be opening in San Diego soon (yay!). Oh, yeah...and get the lemonade (I chose peach ginger, pictured above). 

Multiple Locations, but I went to: 

Lemonade Beverly
9001 Beverly Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90048


  1. mm all the food looks amazing, i want to go there :) i have never been to that area of LA, I might have to next time as I have the same feeling as you for overall LA.

  2. have heard of it but have never been there. it's on my list!

  3. Lemonade is one of my favorite spots. I miss it. Wish they had cool stuff up here in NorCal. ha hahaha

  4. I was in Westwood and the UCLA campus a couple of months ago for the first time. It is a very nice area, indeed! Had some yummy Persian frozen yogurt (unique flavor options like guava and lavender). Also had some DELICIOUS Mediterranean food at a place that I guess is a chain down there - all organic food. Not a fan of LA myself, but I do love of the diversity of eating options you So. Cal people have to choose from!