Flashback to: London

Reading this article got me all nostalgic for LDN, so of course it prompted me to look through my photo archives. Man, sometimes I just really miss that city. It would have been a day like today where I would have layered my socks, buttoned up my peacoat, and walked those glorious London streets.

I used to ruminate, and even lament on how I had left London too early. I'm past that phase now as one realises that leaving is remedied by going back, which I can whenever I want to, really. But somedays, I miss the nuances of that quirky city. It's easy to miss a place the same way you miss a person--for the way it made you feel, for the way you fell in love with it.

You'll end up missing things that seem silly, like old windows and doors, cobblestone streets, and even freezing weather! You'll find yourself missing the good with the bad, a true sign that you really loved it.

I believe in not living in the past (this can be soooooo dangerous); but sometimes it's nice to pay homage to a city that changed my entire being. London, I'm thinking of you today. 


  1. I will be there in two days and wading through cold wet puddles, I'm sure. I'll blow the city a kiss for you :)

    1. You are gonna be there?!? For vacation, I'm assuming? Where else are you going, if any? :D

  2. oh goodness, I had just decided to cross London off our european holiday next year - though I love it, I have been twice and want to go other places and only a short amount of time, but now you're making me want to put it back on. I love London! that's funny though, buzzfeed did a similar article on why living in Sydney ruins you for life :)