San Diego Eateries: Claire's on Cedros

Look at the french toast. GIVE into the french toast! 

Recently I've been getting out my front door more often in an attempt to:

1. Realize there are many unseen parts of San Diego and that I don't "know it all."
2. Play with my new camera which I am having immense fun with (I'll post about the camera later).

On that note...Yesterday, I went to brunch with Rachel, who has been a solid brunch friend of mine for a decade (yep, I can now count friendships by decades...ahhh!). We went to a place in North San Diego County, called Claire's on Cedros.

I will say, I always laugh at the "using jars as drinking glasses" trend. It's now part of the checklist for being trendy...but can we get over this trend yet?? I digress...

 I ordered a cappuccino, which was as BIG AS MY HEAD. The cappuccino was more of a latte, but wasn't bad at all. And I really can't complain about being served coffee that is head sized:

Claire's is definitely worth a visit because the french toast is delicious (order with a side of thick bacon) and the ambiance is not overdone (except for the jars).

Claire's also sells fresh jam, yummy cookies, and to-die-for deserts on the side (note the pumpkin cheesecake below). 

After brunch, Rachel and I were in the mood to go to antique stores and plant nurseries (I think we might be turning 50 next year?).

I think the man who owned the nursery thought I was a little insane snapping a photo of every plant I could. What he didn't know was that I was getting major camera practice in (I still have MUCH to learn).

If you're in the Solana Beach/San Diego area, Claire's is a great place to brunch before strolling down the street to antique markets. You'll also be a hop away from the ocean. Not bad for a Sunday afternoon!

Claire's on Cedros
246 N Cedros Ave
Solana Beach, CA 92075


  1. i am not a fan of the jars as glasses trend either, and oh my that coffee cup is huge!

  2. Your new camera takes lovely pictures. They're so crisp! And that French toast is calling out to me...

  3. Okay, look at y'all in your short sleeves and sunshine - ugh jealous!

  4. And I've never been to a coffee shop that has Friends-sized cups, so I'm kinda jealous!