My New Morning Routine

I mentioned this challenge last week. I already knew the challenge would jump start a practice of thinking positively first thing in the morning, a practice I intend to keep. Here are the positive things I did everyday instead of looking at social media (and seeing that half the country is rioting right about now):

Monday: I did a special morning yoga routine. Only yoga would put me in a better mood on a Monday morning. And if all else fails, a special Monday Morning Mixtape may do the trick:

Tuesday: It was speech watchin' time! This speech reminded me that intrinsic purpose is the most important motivator for humankind.

Wednesday: Have you heard about the Five Tibetan Rites? Who knows if there is truth to all the benefits listed to these rites; however, I'm digging doing these in the morning. In fact, they may have been the best start to my morning all week, probably because they are simple and fast (I'm more likely to do them).

Thursday: I particularly loved this TED talk that explored the struggle between controlling life and letting go of control.

Friday: Read a little of the book, Happier, pictured above. Happier is not my favorite "self-help" book, but it's got some decent insights and is an easy read first thing in the morning.

Saturday: I actually got my ass out of bed and went for a 30 minute walk!! It must be a Christmas miracle!

Sunday: I watched Gilmore Girls. Does that count? It makes me pretty happy, so it counts for me!


As suspected, thinking/seeing/doing something positive first thing in the morning had a great effect--the biggest one being discipline, which would spill over into the rest of the day: I started cleaning more, flossing more, and stressing less. I'll continue abstaining from social media first thing in the morning and instead focus on working my mind like a muscle. That muscle is on its way to getting pretty buff.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving, all!


  1. ya had me at the HF reference!!! i need to check out that book. i could use as much "happy" as i can get!

  2. What might be included in your Monday morning mixtape? It is so ironic watching that HF clip because since the mid-2000's, Belle and Sebastian have picked up the tempo. My, how the times have changed.

    1. good question! Something inspiring, like "Wonder" from Emeli Sande! Something to put me in a proper happy mood for the day!

  3. I've been watching Gilmore Girls all of November and now still! It's my first time going through the entire show. I only caught a few episodes when it originally air. I'm at the place where Rory and Jesse first get together!

    1. It is one of the best shows that EVER aired. It's been a long time since I watched the whole thing, and I'm getting a lot more jokes this time around ;)