Simply Horrifying

I like morbid things, and I make no apologies for it. So when it came to choosing between a cute or scary costume for Halloween, the choice was quite clear...

(Yes, I  had to apply creepy filters). When Churro (below) first saw me, he barked his head off at the scary dead thing entering his territory. This made me laugh in triumph! If I can scare children and the dog, I've won...mwahaha!

 Churro eventually warmed up to me again and realized I just had given myself a bad makeup job.
Lainey and I joked about how we were on the exact opposite spectrum of Halloween costumes--girly vs. creepy.

 First order of the night was listening to the band above, who were dressed up as a demented Wizard of Oz cast--brilliant! They sang "Pretty Zombie" instead of "Pretty Woman."
 It wasn't just me and Lainey hitting the town, we had other costumed friends to accompany us:
 Jack Skellington
 And this (whatever you call this)! 

 ...He's staring into your soul...
 Nerd alert! 

Even lego man humored me by posing for a photo! 
 All in all, a GREAT Halloween where I got complimented on being perfectly creepy. 

All of that evil energy worked up my appetite the next day. Swami's helped revive my humanity. Glad to say I'm totally back to normal now: 

A perfect way to end a good Halloween weekend!

P.S. I found instructions for my skeleton makeup on YouTube...try it out next year! 


  1. Those first few snaps of your makeup was actually pretty darn scary!

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  2. Wicked! I've always been surprised at how completely talentless I am at Halloween makeup.

    1. You know what, this was a lot easier to do than it looks! I mean, just use your kid as a tester :D

  3. Awesome makeup job! I could totally get down with a Halloween costume like this

  4. I wish I was celebrating with you instead. :)

  5. You did such a fantastic job with your makeup! But OMG, Jack's costume is going to give me nightmares.

  6. you looked awesome!! i was planning on being a pop art girl (i did a tutorial on le blog) but skipped out of town early.