Do-It-Yourself Glitter Ornaments and Christmas Craft Parties

My friend Rachel is the most crafty person I know, so when she decided to hold a Christmas Craft Party, I knew I could learn a thing or two from her. While I've always been good at drawing, I'm often times too impatient for most crafts. But this DIY is easy peasy, fast, and perfect for the less-than-crafty crowd.

What You'll Need: Mop & Glo, Clear Ornaments, and Glitter.

Directions: Squeeze about a teaspoon of Mop & Glo into the clear ornament, swig around until entire inside is coated, discard extra liquid in the sink.

Next, sprinkle desired amount of glitter into the ornament and shake until, again, entire inside is coated. That's it!! EASIEST CRAFT EVER!

Optional Step: Wear glitter balls as earrings (thanks for modeling, Zach).

While I made the easy glitter ornaments, others worked on more difficult (a.k.a. adult) crafts.

I then worked on taking pictures for this blog and eating lots of cheese.

 Above: Selection of cheese. If you haven't tried Port Salut, you haven't lived. Below: A caprese salad I made for the party (easy party dish!). 
Rachel made peppermint sugar scrub for co-workers: 

Craft parties are an excellent way to eat, laugh, and create with friends! Just the thing to put me in the Christmas Spirit.


  1. I would totally be the one in the corner eating cheese. Love craft day with friends - those are now too few and too far between

  2. How festive! So far, my favorite 'ornament' is that adorned doggy!

  3. GREAT PHOTO QUALITY!! Really. I wish I could have gone to this party with you.

  4. This is such a great idea...so easy, fun, and glittery!!!!!

  5. This looks awesome! Love the ornament and the scrub - really great :)

  6. What a fun idea to do a Christmas Craft party. I went to one back in November and made some cool monogrammed glasses.