San Diego Eateries: Sea & Smoke

It was the parents' 37th wedding anniversary last week, and so I chose the venue for them. Sea & Smoke had good ratings, so I decided to check out this swanky joint in North San Diego. I'm sure glad I did...

First of all, goooooood beer selection (which has become necessary for every San Diego restaurant).

Sitting on the patio is a total win for this place, which happened to have live music playing outside (on a Wednesday!).

Oh yeah, and the food is pretty spectacular. The winner of the night was the meat and cheese board, which I forgot to take a picture of because I was TOO BUSY EATING. Whatever you do, order the truffle salami! I did remember to take a picture of the main dishes, which were still fantastic:

 Mac & Cheese
 Jidori Chicken (the winner of the main dish battle)

Johnny Cash says "Get your ass over here!" But really. Get your ass over there. And whatever you do, order up the meat and cheese board a.s.a.p.

Sea & Smoke
2690 Via De La Valle 
Del Mar, CA 92014


  1. I'll take a bucket of that mac & cheese please

  2. Ha! Bob has a t-shirt that has that same exact print of Johnny Cash giving the finger.