A Three Sentence Movie Review


This was really, really brilliant. Angelina Jolie is a great actress (who can deny that?) and was the spot on choice for this role, showing a more in-depth and complex Maleficent than old tales. My one gripe is the amount of computer animation (how about filming in a forest instead of creating one on the computer?!?); however, that's the only negative in what surprised me as a sensational retelling of an old favorite--I must own this on DVD. 

Playing for Keeps

I see what they were trying to do here, but *something* was lacking--the script, the actors, the situation--who the heck knows? What resulted was a vanilla film with a lackluster love story in the mix. The only character I liked was the son (at least he brought some light to the screen).

The Theory of Everything

Not as brilliant as I hoped it would be, as I was wanting a little more science in the film! BUT...I'm really starting to love the grittiness of Felicity Jones, and Eddie Redmayne did a stand-up job of portraying what it might be like to be a young Stephen Hawking newly diagnosed with ALS. Despite some of the missteps of the film, there is real heart here because of the spectacular acting.

Tiny: A Story About Living Small

Love, love, love. A documentary about adopting a minimalistic philosophy and living in (you guessed it) tiny homes of about 125-200 square meters. Part of me loves the idea (was I nomad in my past life?) and part of me wonders if it's actually feasible; either way, this is worth a watch.

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  1. I am not a fan of Angelina Jolie but I did love that movie and it made me dislike her a little less. I love Felicity Jones so I definitely want to watch that one, and I am intrigued about the documentary.

    1. Agreed on the Angelina front, she can often times be quite annoying, but here she shines! The documentary is great...watch it!

  2. i loved maleficient! i want to see the theory of everything. i've got a free ticket, and that could be it.

  3. Ugh I just LOVE Angelina Jolie and I can't believe she's retiring from acting. Sigh

  4. Saw Maleficent last week. I thought Angelina was made for this role and I enjoyed the overall concept....but I was slightly disappointed with this retelling. Apart from Maleficent, I thought it featured very little character development. The weak script and and heavy/silly/campy use of CGI was a bit of a letdown, which is a shame, because I absolutely loved the direction in which it was headed. I did want to see The Theory of Everyday, but perhaps I should wait til it is on DVD?

    1. We definitely agree on the CGI front! But I don't know, I rather enjoyed this movie and didn't have a problem with the character development, since I feel like Maleficent's story was always left out and I liked the focus on her (sort of like Wiked??).

      As for Theory of Everything, I think you'll still like it, and it's a movie that I would want to watch one more time to really soak it up--whether you should spend $12 on a ticket for it? Eh, I would just wait till DVD like you said ;)

  5. loved maleficient. before i went to the movies and saw it i wasn't into this at all, nor angelina jolie, but she nailed this role. they could not have chosen a better actress for that role.