2014: A Decent Traveling Year

Well, you all know I'm a travel freak; thus, I have to recap my year in terms of my travel adventures. There's no way I could ever top my fab year of travel in 2013, but 2014 actually wasn't too shabby in the travel realm! I certainly got to see a little more of the good ol' USA this time around, a trend I hope to continue.

Vegas in January

The year rang in with a freakin' bang in Las Vegas. Not my first time at the strip, but definitely a fun trip. January is the month to go to Las Vegas, in my opinion: not too hot, not too crowded, just a whole lotta fun. And tons of fireworks.

Tijuana in March

I caught a Mexican futbol game on a random Tuesday night trip over the border. For those of you that don't know, San Diego literally sits right on the border...it takes me all of 20 minutes to get to a whole other country. I also really like to advertise Mexico because I feel it unfairly gets bad press painting it as an unsafe, unworthy vacation spot. Pish posh! The Mexican people are a lively, endearing bunch and while Tijuana is not the most beautiful city I've seen, it's a worthy destination brimming full of culture and good food.

England & Scotland in July, August

It was back to ol' Blighty in the summer for graduation and an excursion to Scotland.

First off, London (my love). It was lovely to see my home away from home once again; I'd even call it therapeutic.
Catching up with my "mates" (I always got chastized for saying "friend"), riding the tube, eating sticky toffee pudding, and just being there made me smile from ear to ear. It was the best homecoming I could ask for, since London will always be another home for me. 

I certainly got my fill of London, so of course a side trip to Edinburgh and the rest of Scotland was in order. Man, Scotland is NOT to be skipped, let me tell you! 

Before leaving the U.K., I had one more day trip in the works: lovely Cambridge

 We toured the university by way of punting, totally worth it! 

Austin, Houston, and College Station in October
I went to Texas on a work trip, so it was three cities/towns in one go! It was nice to drive through the Texas countryside, which I found refreshing and beautiful. I also got to meet up with an old friend and a new (blog) friend. Of course, Austin still retained its charm from the last time I visited. 

Phoenix, Flagstaff, and Tucson in November 

 Another work trip. It was all about those desert sunsets and (GORGEOUS) mountains in Arizona. I foolishly didn't know Flagstaff was so elevated and would be so freezing in November. Note to self: do not wear a dress without tights in 35-degree weather. 

New Orleans in December 

As you know, I ended the year in NOLA, which was as lively and eclectic as I hoped it would be (complete with an awesome trip to a southern plantation). 


So there you are! I went to about 8 new cities/towns I hadn't been to before, and 6 overall trips. Not too shabby indeed. As you suspected, I've already booked my next trip for this month. I'll reveal soon where I'm off to (wink). 

Travel on, my fellow wanderlusters! 


  1. oh my goodness!! what an amazing year full of travel, even if it doesn't top 2013.

  2. You had some awesome trips in 2014. I'm trying SO hard to book travel for 2015 but am having the hardest time finding travel companions

  3. If all else fails, go alone! Or meet me somewhere :) But seriously I would meet! Have you been to D.C. yet? :D

  4. Oh man! Do you have a travel bucket list? Your job should at least help knock quite a few U.S. cities off that list.

  5. I haven't been back to DC in ages so it's back on my list. I currently have a plane ticket on hold to Denver later this month - I want to go skiing badly!

  6. AND I haven't been to Denver in ages (so I barely remember), but I hear lots of good things.

  7. My travel bucket list: WORLD DOMINATION. :)

    But I try to break it down by years and what's doable. But I will say, I haven't done East Asia or South America at all, so it would be nice to go to SOME of the countries in those locations. Where would you like to travel next?

  8. The city is so fun but I want to drive up to the mountains. It's been too long since I've been buried by snow

  9. You know what, I've begun a love affair with the mountains after experiencing the Swiss Alps. I soooooo get it.

  10. Agh that's on my list too! I could swap Denver for Switzerland if you want to go again :)

  11. I really don't think I would ever deny Switzerland. It really is just. that. beautiful. We can talk...I'm sure a meet up trip somewhere can actually work out. ha!

  12. I've done my share of Asian countries, therefore, I'm ready to hit up some lovely European countries eventually: France, Spain, Italy and England. It's overwhelming when I think of all the countries and cities I want to hit up...and then I look at the bank account. haha. Oh well, looks like we best start to save. You'll have to let me know which East Asian countries are on your radar.

  13. Not too shabby, she says. This is pretty impressive. Especially considering my 2014 travel diary consisted of record shops in Texas. I wonder what 2015 will bring. Here's to another 'not too shabby' year o' travel! :)

  14. Love that you made it to Austin. <3 <3 <3 And that we could meet and hug and eat queso.

  15. Someone should get you a map and some pins to hang on your wall...

  16. You would think :) I'd like to actually hang some pretty gold-ish antique maps one day.

  17. You do have a birthday coming up...

  18. What an incredible year of travel for you! I'm trying to explore more of the good ole USA this year. I've barely been to any states! Awful. I'm hoping to mark 3 or 4 states off my to-see list, if I can. (Along with moving out on my own & trying to pay off some debts - eep!)

  19. Sounds like you've made a decent resolution list this year ;)


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