Five Reasons I Fancy Prague

I'm going to do a few posts on Prague, because, WOWWWWW WAS I STUNNED BY IT! But I thought a "Five Reasons" post would be a nice introduction. So here are the five reasons I fancy Prague:

1. Absolutely Gorgeous Architecture 

Every turn down a street had me flabbergasted. This place is just drop-dead gorgeous; like, your heart might stop from the beauty of it all. The above photo was taking in the Jewish Quarter, arguably the prettiest part of Prague. 

2. Great Street Food  

Think sausage, warm deserts (with Nutella), potato and cheesy goodness, all for mere pennies!  

3. Cheap, Delicious Beer

Overall, Prague is very cheap. I could get a full meal with two beers for under 10 USD. Now I wouldn't say Czech beer is any better than German, Belgian, or Swiss beer, but it's equal to them. And again...CHEAPER. Total win! 

4. European Cheekiness

Found this eatery in a mall. I love Europeans. 

5. A City That is a Photographer's Dream 

I happily snapped away at all the good things around me! Prague is a well-kept, well-designed, well-EVERYTHING kind of city! 


Have you been to Prague? Were you as enthusiastic about it as me? 


  1. ahh I have never been but I would love to go.. even more so now!

  2. I have always wanted to go to Prague and your list makes me want to go even more! So glad you enjoyed it!

  3. And I have some more Prague posts for you! You're gonna love this city when you go :)

  4. Oh, wow, I so want to go now! A photographer's dream indeed! It just looks so gorgeous! And cheap, great food?! Perfection. xxx

  5. I've been hearing and seeing so much of Prague lately and it's been fuelling my wanderlust to no end! I love old architecture and am such a fan of trying out different street foods! Prague looks like a dream, honestly. Xx

  6. It is a place I had been dying to go to for awhile. It did not disappoint!!

  7. The Jewish Quarter looks so pristine! Also, I take most everything with Nutella...so Prague might just be heaven for me.

  8. What's interesting is the Jewish Quarter used to be the least desirable part of town ages ago (the Jews had it BAD in history!). It's close to the river and would flood first, making it grimey and muddy. They walled all the Jews in and made them stay in the area. When this part was finally rebuilt, they were able to build gorgeous buildings during a time of regrowth. It's now the wealthiest, prettiest part of Prague. Interesting, huh?

  9. Prague has been high on my list for a LONG time. It's one of the places my boyfriend and I agree that we absolutely must visit. I've always been in awe of the architecture and I love a place full of history. I didn't know about the cheap beer, but that's definitely a bonus! Looks like a city where you better keep a camera battery charged at all times!

  10. Not only are the beers cheap, accommodation is also surprisingly low! I tell everyone to go to Prague now. It's just a must!

  11. ElleSees.blogspot.com5:36 AM, April 17, 2015

    i've wanted to go here so badly!! it's on the list of places. i wish i had gone the last time i was in europe.

  12. Never been always wanted to go. And yes this city is a dream for all photographers. Wow.