Say Yes

I've been reading Bossypants and I thought Friday would be a good time to share a great quote from it. It's where Tina Fey extracts life lessons she learned from improv school:

"The first rule of improvisation is AGREE...at least start from an open-minded place. Start with a YES and see where that takes you. As an improviser, I always find it jarring when I meet someone in real life whose first answer is no. 'No we can't do that.' 'No that is not in the budget.' 'No I will not hold your hand for a dollar.' What kind of way is that to live? The second rule of improvisation is not only to say yes, but YES, AND. You are supposed to agree then add something of your own...To me YES, AND means don't be afraid to contribute." 

This works well for life, doesn't it? When faced with a big opportunity or decision is my first inclination to say yes or no? In some instances I think quite grand, but sometimes I default to a small-minded way of thinking. I limit myself. I like Tina's idea of learning how to lead with a yes and seeing what comes from it. Even more, I like the "YES, AND" bit of the quote. It's the part of the quote that makes us responsible for what we bring to the table both professionally and personally. Some questions to ask:

  • What am I (and are you) contributing to the world? 
  • Do I share new ideas at work? 
  • Am I contributing positively to my friends lives? 
  • Am I being kind and generous to my parents? 
  • Am I contributing to my own well being (health, mind, soul)?   

What do I have to contribute? The answer is PLENTY!! Spending too much time thinking negatively or diminishing my own value takes away from the time I can be DOING SOMETHING/CONTRIBUTING SOMETHING.

Obviously, I've been on a positivity kick lately. I want to continue that trend. I'm choosing to start with a yes. Thanks, Tina.


  1. Such a sweet, inspiring post! I'm also working on being more positive and open to challenge at the moment, so thanks for inspiring me even further :) xxx

  2. It's funny bc I'm used to saying yes to far too much and never saying no, particularly to people who ask things of me. So saying No has actually been a goal of mine - to be a little more self serving in a healthy way

  3. You bring up a good point! We can't say yes all the time. Although, I like how this quote (as translated by me) was more about saying yes to opportunity. That's the kind of focus I want.

  4. Ahhh! I'm so glad you read (and) enjoyed it. :) It's so much easier to give in to a fatalist and negative view of life. (Trust me I know.) Thanks for the indirect encouragement as we all try to navigate our lives with more positivity and openness.

  5. krystal/avillagetown.com1:00 PM, April 20, 2015

    wait, what? people blog when i don't? hmm. ok. whatevs. i could use some of your positivity kick. stop by switz!