A Three Sentence Movie Review

I thought I would hurry up and watch a few films to get this post up sooner rather than later. All this in order to warn you against #1. Just doing my civic duty!!

1. Aloha

DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME, MONEY, OR OXYGEN ON THIS MOVIE. I am convinced that Rachel McAdams, Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, and Bill Murray were either drugged/owed Cameron Crowe favors/were coerced to sign onto this piece of shit film. I can't even list all the issues with it, but one HUGE problem is that has about 20 plots in one movie, all of which give you a migraine by the end.

2. Annie Hall

It took me far too long to see this brilliant piece of art that must have been extremely innovative in the late 70s. I can clearly see how many movies have tried to match the witty dialogue (Before Sunrise), the artistic elements (500 Days of Summer), and the endearing realism found in Annie Hall, which truly is the gold standard. Diane Keaton just shined from within here; the brilliant cast (a young Christopher Walken??) mixed with the loveable neuroticism that is the script had me just adoring this film.

3. Barefoot

Ugh, what even went on here? It's my fault for playing it, I guess, but you know a movie is bad when it brings down the usually refreshing Evan Rachel Wood (who plays a mental patient here). It's not the worst thing I've ever seen (see number 1, above), but it's certainly not worth your precious time.

4. In a World...

Solid film, and Lake Bell is totally loveable in it. There wasn't an innovative plot, or anything, but the acting is superb and the dialogue is ace (including making fun of how the Brits say soy, "soya" if you're interested). I'd call this a funny feel-good film that gives a small glimpse into the world of voiceovers.

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And I'm off to Boston tomorrow...the travel bug is back again! 


  1. The Asian American community is pretty peeved by Aloha.

    I haven't seen it.

    Annie Hall is one of my all time favorite movies.

    Can you just move to Austin so we can be IRL friends?

  2. It's certainly not out of the question :)

    Yeah, Aloha pretty much offended on all fronts. I didn't even have the space to rant about what you just brought up. There were too many things that angered me here!!!!

  3. ok, definitely avoiding Aloha!! And you've reminded me I need to watch Annie Hall again. xxx

  4. I've purposely avoided Aloha because of all of the terrible reviews. It is incredibly disheartening because I absolutely adore Cameron Crowe, and I hate to see him fall off the deep end with his latest fiasco. Hopefully one day soon he can redeem himself. On a lighter note, I'm so glad you saw Annie Hall! Yayyy! Sometimes I wish I were taller so I could pull off Diane Keaton's flair. If you want any other recommendations for Woody Allen flicks, let me know. It's generally a hit or miss.

  5. Well let's see...I saw Manhattan and didn't care for it because I found it to be pedophile-ish. Midnight in Paris, big yes! To Rome with Love, ugh...big no. What are your other favorites?

    Yeah, Aloha was just terrible. I mean has Crowe been on drugs lately?? haha

  6. I think I need to watch Annie Hall again already xx So many gems to find in the film!

  7. Don't forget that you saw Blue Jasmine. *wink* Other favorites: Crimes and Misdemeanors, Hannah and Her Sisters, The Purple Rose of Cairo, Matchpoint, Radio Days, etc. etc. etc.

    And yes, Crowe needs an intervention. :(

  8. i kinda want to watch barefoot because is that scott speedman? sold. good to hear aloha is so bad haha. i have never seen annie hall, you make me want to watch it! in a world looks adorable, totally watching it.

  9. Annie Hall is a treasure. It won the Oscar over Star Wars, and you can see why. Did you notice Sigourney Weaver at the end, in front of the movie theater? Or Jeff Goldblum at the Hollywood party, who forgot his mantra? So glad you saw it!

  10. Hannah and Her Sisters is my favorite. You know, Manhattan Murder Mystery and Bullets over Broadway were really good and underrated. Loved John Cusack and Jennifer Tilly so much in BOB.

  11. I am SO disappointed to hear that about Aloha. Your review matches pretty much everything else I've read about it though. I saw the preview and got excited and then checked the reviews and it went downhill from there very quickly. What a bummer. I can't believe I haven't seen Annie Hall yet. Such an iconic movie that I somehow have forgotten about. I'm moving that to the top of my list!

  12. I didn't see Sigourney, but I most definitely noticed Jeff Goldblum!! haha

  13. The preview very expertly masks how crappy the film is by making it seem like another plot. It's SO dumb!

  14. hahaha, yes it is Scott Speedman. And of you have an irrational crush on him, then I suppose you may like the film :)