Do-It-Yourself Shiny Hair Mask

I don't often blog about DIY Tutorials on my blog, but when I come across something as easy as this, I need to share. I can be a lazy girl at times (she says with a big smile), so any do-it-yourself thing needs to cater to that lazy side.

You'll only need two(!) ingredients: Coconut oil and raw honey. Organic is obviously preferred, but work with what you've got, okay?

Scoop 1 tablespoon of each into a saucepan. If your hair is longer, two tablespoons of each should be sufficient. Heat the mixture over medium-low heat until it completely melts and you have something that looks like this:

Slather/massage it onto wet, yet unwashed hair while the mixture is still warm. Wrap your hair up in a bun/shower cap/towel for at least 15 minutes, but preferably one hour if you have the time! After the magic happens, shampoo and condition your hair like normal. And that's it! OH THE WONDERS OF COCONUT OIL! You'll notice softer, shinier hair immediately. It's recommended that you do this little "mask" once a week.

Oh and yes, it's a little messy, so be prepared for that! I originally got this "recipe" from Juilanne Hough, a celebrity blog that I actually enjoy.

Happy Tuesday, all! 


  1. Honey + Coconut Oil = Sticky ..... but I can't wait to try it anyhow. :)

  2. It is somehow sticky and runny at the same time :) But also delicious. hahaha. So just lick off any spots that fall on your shoulders/arms ;)

  3. i am going to try this. i tried a hair mask on the weekend and it failed miserably and i wont talk about the ingredients and how i had to wash my hair 5 times to get them all out... but i will try this one!! and i had no idea julianne hough had a blog, woah.

  4. Ugh! I think the trick to this is that less is more. Not too much is needed to coat your hair! And yeah, Julianne's blog kind of rocks!!

  5. ElleSees.blogspot.com5:41 AM, June 03, 2015

    what can't coconut oil do?