My 5 Favorite Boston Sites

1. The Freedom Trail 

I'm totally cheating by putting down the Freedom Trail as #1, cause the Freedom Trail actually covers NUMEROUS sites. The trail takes you on a "follow this brick road" tour through the major historical sites of Boston. It's a GENIUS idea and there's even an app for it!! Expect to see old churches and graveyards, state buildings, and the site for the Boston Massacre. The trail is something like 2 miles in length--totally walkable and completely worth it.

2. Fenway Park/Red Sox Game

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After going to a Red Sox game, I think I'm a fan now. It's hard to not be sucked into the Red Sox cult when witnessing the die-hard fans in person. All I could think while I was there was "Now this is a baseball game!!" Oh, and I got to sing "Sweet Caroline." Yep, I'm in the cult now.

3. Boston Harbor

Beautiful and historic Boston Harbor. And if you're anything like Ilse and me, you'll want to reenact throwing tea into the harbor. (Yes, Ilse and I are actually holding tea bags--English Breakfast, in case you're wondering). Of course I put this photo on Facebook, tagged all my British friends and captioned it "NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION, BITCHES!" Our founding fathers would be proud. (We didn't actually throw the tea into the harbor, by the way).

4. Famous TV Sites--Cheers and Ally McBeal

Do I need to explain? If you're a fan of either of these shows, you just gotta go!

5. The Boston Public Library 

I'm pretty sure I'll be dedicating a whole post to this gorgeous library, but I had to also add it to this list. DO NOT MISS THIS GEM. I was flabbergasted by its beauty, and there's just something about lion statues.

What are some of your favorite Boston sites? 


  1. ElleSees.blogspot.com4:30 AM, June 22, 2015

    i need to go back to go to a red soxx game! i only took a pic outside of the stadium on my last visit AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, the library...ahh! i cannot wait for your post.

  2. You REALLY, REALLY need to go to a Red Sox game! It might have been the highlight of my trip :)

  3. It looks like you had so much fun!! I don't think I've been to Boston, and I SO want to go!! xxx

  4. Ahhh, Bah-ston! Great city. Sign me up for the freedom trail, but I'd like to substitute a Red Sox game for a Revolution match because soccer, soccer, SOCCER! :-)

  5. I'm not usually a huge baseball person, but going to a Red Sox game was a real treat. Otherwise, I'm with you -- FUTBOL (soccer) RULES THE WORLD.

  6. um, so like i said i've only been once and only for a day, so i didn't see any of these things (i don't think). how could i miss ally mcbeal?! I guess I thought it was in NYC lol.

  7. Boston looks like a whole lot of fun! Adding it to my list of must see places the next time I cross the pond x

  8. It was just the outside of the building you can look at, but they have so many shots of this building in the show it totally made me excited to see it :D

  9. I've wanted to get up to Boston for a while now. It looks like you had such a blast up there. I love the tea picture.