I Have a Crush on the Boston Public Library

If you're gonna visit Boston, I IMPLORE you to not skip this little gem. It's free, it gorgeous, and it was one of the highlights of my trip (although, admittedly I always fall in love with public libraries). This place most definitely rivals the New York Public Library, although I'm pretty sure it's a bit smaller.

 But really...can I live here? I truly do have a "crush" on this place, if it were possible to have feelings for inanimate objects (it is). That's because this place feels very much alive, a breathing piece of architecture with a vast collection of knowledge at its fingertips...er, bookshelves. I've always been attracted to the smart guys. Boston Public Library, can I have yo numba?

I really don't know WHY we have steered so far away from such gorgeous architecture in 'Merica. I think EVERY building should look like this, starting with my future home! That's totally reasonable, right?  


  1. Art + literature = pure bliss. I can understand how this library would have "a hold on you."

  2. so pretty! can't believe i missed it. oh well, will have to go back ;)

  3. Still haven't been to Boston - such a shame right?