Do I Dare? (It's Moving Time)

"Do I dare disturb the universe?" --T.S. Eliot

Yes, I do dare. I really love the quote above. It's the idea of leaping forward into the unknown, so much so that it puts (your) universe askew. I won't lie, I've had a knot in my stomach for about a week and a half. Right before a move, I always want to hold on just a little longer to that comfort zone, while wanting to let go at the same time. 

Over 3 years (!) ago I wrote this blog post when I first arrived in London, titled "Getting Lost in a Good Way." I'm ready to get lost again, this time in my own country. This will be the first time I'll live in a different state than California! I'm excited to explore. I'm excited to live. I'm excited to dare.

^ And that is the reason for all of this.


I don't leave until Saturday, but I felt like posting this blog now because my nervous energy is THROUGH THE ROOF! So sending positive vibes my way will make me smile (hint, hint). Plus, I'm sure I won't be blogging too much this week. Why are there always 5,867,456 things to do before a move?!? 

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