NYC Beginnings

I'm sitting in my friend's hot apartment, looking up places to live, downloading NYC subway apps on my phone, and having it start to hit me that NYC is my new home.

The body always goes through an initial shock with a move--physically I am in this new city, mentally I am catching up just a little.

Some things I've learned about life in the city:

  • Carrying around a bottle of water with you at all times is necessary in the summer, unless you like fainting! 
  • New York may have the most crazies out of any city I've been to, like the guy who spat and screamed at a police car riding by, "F**K the police!" 
  • The energy in this city is contagious. You almost believe you don't need sleep. 
  • Everyone has a story about how they got to NYC. I haven't met that many born-and-raised New Yorkers. 
  • So many karaoke bars to go to, so little time. 
  • New York may have the best food (and most choices) of any city I have ever been to. 

I'll feel very settled once I secure a place and set up my room, which should happen in about a week. That's when mentally I will know--this is home, now. 

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