In Love with a Dirtbag (named NYC)

I've been here almost a month and I can hardly believe it. I am living in New York (I always feel that one month makes it more official). I'm here, guys.

Confession: when I first got to NY, I didn't miss San Diego that much; however, I found myself weirdly missing London. Yepppppp. Hello, my name is Ashley, anglophile and more specifically, London addict. In true Ashley fashion, comparisons between the two cities flooded my mind. I was missing some major things about my old home across the pond, such as:

  • The Tube: Prettier, easier to navigate, and more efficient than the Subway. 
  • Clean Streets: London is pretty damn immaculate for such a big city. New York, you are a dirty, dirty place and you should be ashamed of yourself (ok, you have some pretty areas). 
  • Being an Expat: I loved being the American in a sea of Brits and other cultures; here, I'm not special. Just another transplant living in the citayyyyy...nothing to see here! 
  • Reserved Culture: That extremely reserved culture in London meant less crazies/cat-calling/annoying people on a daily basis.

Before you roll your eyes and tell me to "Move on from London already, you pathetic baby!" I must tell you this: 

NYC offers community like no other. More than San Diego, more than London. And this is the most important aspect of any city. 

I know my claim is completely unscientific, but based on my personal experience I have never made so many friends so fast and so easily. I attribute this to four things: 

1. I'm better at meeting people now than when I was a more shy, more awkward 20-something girl. 

2. New York makes you talk. You sit down at a bar here and someone's gonna talk to you. Heck, you stand at the subway platform, and sometimes someone will talk to you there, too! I'm not sure shy is a word here? And reserved...uh...fuggedaboutit! 

3. This city knows how to have fun. It gets an unfair rap for being rude; on the contrary, it's just a city of honesty--honest in it's sadness, grumpiness, happiness, etc.

4. There are so many transplants here, we all band together because who else will take us?!?

I'm embracing this place as home. I have a community already, and it makes my little heart so happy! I'm falling in love with a dirt bag, and his name is New York City. 

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