I'm Gonna Be a Brooklynite

It has taken FOR-EV-ERRRRR to secure a place, but the time has finally come...to announce I'll be living in Brooklyn! Let me tell you all something: the NYC rental market was a major pain in my ass. I've been staying with my friend for a whopping 1 and 1/2 months! He never asked for rent (of course I paid it anyway), and I'm not even sure how I can PROPERLY repay him.

Of course, not having my own home totally affected my blogging schedule. As in, I HARDLY blogged. That will be fixed soon. I'll buy my bed, duvet, etc...start feeling settled...and then start blogging like normal. I move this WEEKEND...YES!

THE CAMERA IS COMING OUT, FOLKS! Not my iPhone camera, but my real camera. Bloggers know what's up with that!

I'll show some pictures of where I'm living soon, stay tuned! 

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