A Three Sentence Movie Review

1. The Intern

Anne and Robert bring their emotional A-game here--both play well-rounded, realistic characters. The same can't be said for all in the movie, though, as Anne's husband is a strange choice of character  and the relationship there doesn't seem super believable. This is not the best Nancy Meyer's film I've seen, but it's still worth a watch (just wait till DVD or Netflix).

2. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

I was surprised at how much I liked this, but liking it is due to Steve Carrell being so damn good at dramedy. This "end of the world/a meteor is heading straight for us" film is a great commentary on human nature--everything you think might go down if the apocalypse was upon us does happen. The last scene is absolutely terrifying, but in a gut-wrenching, all-we-have-is-each-other sort of way.

3. Welcome to Me

Kristen Wiig, I like you, BUT...sighhhh. Honestly, this is one of the weirdest movies I have seen; it's certainly in the quirky category, but I'm not sure it's in a good way. The end message is endearing, but it was just a no for me.

4. Comet

Overall, I liked this zigzagged tale of two lovers' tempestuous relationship over 6 years. It's not up to par with the likes of 500 Days of Summer (what is, really?), but it has the same non-chronological type of story telling. What wins here are the touching performances by Long and Rossum bringing to life a relationship that just can't be let go of.

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